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Dietitian General Practice Specialist Associates (DGPSA) act autonomously within their professional scope of practice through the delivery of bespoke advice to the clients of General Practice Solutions (GPS). Depending on the GPS services commissioned, DGPSAs may also be required to care for the service users face to face, via the telephone consultations and/or undertake video consults.

DGPSAa use their skills, knowledge, and competencies as a qualified Dietician to be responsible and accountable for mentoring GPS clients on the management of service user caseloads for treatments and referrals. DGPSAs may also be required to simultaneously apply the same standards for the direct care of service users depending on the GPS services commissioned.

DGPSAs are required work on a group and on individual basis with people of all ages. Unlike Nutritionists, DGPSAs will work with people who are sick as well as those who are well.

The job title of ‘Dietitian’ is protected by law and only those registered with the Healthand Care Professional Council (HCPC) can hold the position of a Dietitian.

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  • I now know why GPS is leading the market in primary care. Is there anything they can't do? Amazing service, incredible staff and extremely efficient.

    Dr Malhotra

  • GPS is our preferred provider for all matters including clinical cover, troubleshooting, practice management and HR. We feel prepared for all eventualities.

    Dr Polcaro

  • We now have a full-time GPS Practice Manager who complements our team, and we have access to all their expert departments which is extremely reassuring.

    Anonymous Practice Manager

  • An innovative and overdue approach to the management of General Practice.

    Dr Bendelow

  • GPS delivers our PCN with reliable ARRS staff. We highly recommend their services!

    Mr A Trotter

  • After a period of change and disruption, GPS colleagues brought stability and second-to-none knowledge!

    Anonymous Practice Manager

  • The management of our PCN has been transformed by General Practice Solutions, leaving us to focus on patient care

    Mrs H Doidge

  • We are a small practice and reassured by having access to professional support on a cost-effective monthly retainer.

    Dr Maytum

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