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Project Management

Project Management

We offset the burden of project managing new-builds, extensions, service delivery of a new left shift service within Primary Care, leaving our client providers to focus on their daily duties.

General Practice Solutions (GPS) offers employment and project management services with the necessary tools for seamless employee transactions. No need to worry about local laws and tax requirements because we’ve got you covered.


How is a project manager different from a manager? 

Project manager services are more short-term. They complete finite deliverables and accomplish more concrete parameters based on time and budget. They tackle projects depending on the industry they work in, from client marketing campaigns to public sector constructions.


Our project management services include project managers who carry out huge responsibilities, including:

Planning and executing strategies for project roadmaps

They develop schedules and plans for how your project will be completed. They also identify milestones along the way so that stakeholders can see where they are in the process.

Delegating tasks and overseeing operations

Once a project starts, it’s up to your project manager to delegate tasks among team members, monitor progress, and ensure that everyone is working toward common goals.

Managing budget

This involves keeping track of all costs associated with the project, as well as monitoring expenses and adjusting when necessary, so that money does not run out before the end date for the project arrives.

Maintaining communications with stakeholders 

Communication with stakeholders is an important aspect as it ensures that everyone is on the same page throughout the entire process.

Ensuring quality of deliverables

They will keep an eye on employees and/or contractors who do these tasks directly, or they may have to do them themselves if there isn’t enough time on the schedule for other employees to do them.

Coordinating and conducting meetings

They may also be required to coordinate meetings with you, vendors, and other stakeholders. This can include making sure everyone is prepared for meetings and that all necessary materials are prepared ahead of time.

Managing risks and adapting practical problem-solving skills

They have good analytical skills to understand the nature of the risks involved in projects and take steps to minimise or eliminate those risks where possible. They know how to solve problems so that they can deal with problems that come up out of the blue without affecting other parts of the project or creating new problems.


Make or Break! 

Your choice of project manager can make or break your project so and we will help match your projects with one of our competent and experienced professionals. 


Price Promise

We regularly benchmark the cost of our services because we are proud of our price promise guarantee. In the unlikely event of you sourcing a genuine like-for-like quote from another provider, please let us know because not only will we match it, but we will also reduce it by another 10%.


If you have any further questions, please contact us and a friendly member of our team will be happy to assist.


What our valued clients say

  • I now know why GPS is leading the market in primary care. Is there anything they can't do? Amazing service, incredible staff and extremely efficient.

    Dr Malhotra

  • GPS is our preferred provider for all matters including clinical cover, troubleshooting, practice management and HR. We feel prepared for all eventualities.

    Dr Polcaro

  • We now have a full-time GPS Practice Manager who complements our team, and we have access to all their expert departments which is extremely reassuring.

    Anonymous Practice Manager

  • An innovative and overdue approach to the management of General Practice.

    Dr Bendelow

  • GPS delivers our PCN with reliable ARRS staff. We highly recommend their services!

    Mr A Trotter

  • After a period of change and disruption, GPS colleagues brought stability and second-to-none knowledge!

    Anonymous Practice Manager

  • The management of our PCN has been transformed by General Practice Solutions, leaving us to focus on patient care

    Mrs H Doidge

  • We are a small practice and reassured by having access to professional support on a cost-effective monthly retainer.

    Dr Maytum

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