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Practice Manager Mentorship

Practice Manager Mentorship

When an employee earns a promotion, they often become managers, which are roles that require extra responsibilities. It is beneficial for new managers to participate in management mentorship programs as they establish their leadership styles and increase their confidence in fulfilling higher-level positions. 


Our management mentorship program

The GPS management mentorship programs helps new managers adjust to their new positions in leadership. The program pairs your new manager with one of our experienced managers who will provide guidance on making decisions, supervising teams, and spearheading projects. 

The purpose of management mentorship is to ease the transition from a lower-level role to a higher-level role. New managers, or mentees, will develop their leadership skills and receive support as they grow accustomed to their extra responsibilities. They will also increase the confidence that can enable them to be successful in management.


Why is it important to provide new managers with mentorship?

It's important to provide new managers with mentorship so they can learn how to be leaders. Although your new manager may have performed well in an entry-level position, it may take time for them to achieve that same level of competence after the promotion. Having one of our experienced mentors to rely on while navigating management has a positive impact on the new managers ability to overcome challenges. 

Our management mentorship program will also benefit your organisation. The more comfortable a manager feels in their leadership, the more employees trust the manager to lead the team in the right direction. Trusting relationships and employee engagement inspires productivity in the workplace, which can keep your organisation running smoothly. Effective leaders boost employee retention rates and attract qualified professionals to the workplace.

During the mentorship program, one of our experienced managers will have oversee all areas of your organisation to ensure you remain fully compliant and financially sound. This acts as an extra level of protection with a second set of eyes.


We will outline goals for the program

The goals of the program represent the professional growth you want to see in your new leader while they're undergoing management mentorship. 

We understand that every organisation is different so one of our associates will initially meet with the main stakeholders to tailor the goals & job description to your organisation's vision. We also have a standard benchmark of training as follows:

  • Human resources 
  • Payroll 
  • Book-keeping 
  • GMS / PMS contracts 
  • CQRS claims 
  • CBS claims 
  • NHS England claims
  • PPA claims 
  • CQC compliance 
  • Conflict management 
  • IT management 
  • Events planning 
  • Procurement 
  • Health and safety 
  • Strategy and development
  • QOF requirements 
  • Business planning 
  • Policies and procedures 

Furthermore, we provide all the tools to assist with the above with a fully comprehensive Practice Management software.


Identify a teaching style

We will meet with the mentee to determine the teaching style that will be most helpful for the new manager to learn how to lead. For example, if there are multiple employees who are adjusting to new managerial roles, then you can opt for group mentoring, which allows them to learn from one mentor as a unit. If there's an employee who holds the same position as the new manager, then we suggest peer mentoring. Additional options are reverse mentoring, where an employee guides a supervisor, and one-on-one mentoring, the standard style.


Appointing a mentor for the new manager

We will allocate an experienced professional to serve as the mentor for the mentee. We will also make sure the mentor and mentee have compatible personalities because it is important for them to establish a connection as they work together for the duration of the program.  


Deliver resources for mentorship

Once the new manager meets their mentor, we will share the goals we established for the program. We will outline a timeline for the mentor to follow, so we can monitor progress and ensure the mentee feels prepared to lead on their own when the time is right. 


How long is the mentorship programme?

Every organisation and employee is different, with varying experiences and it is therefore difficult to determine an exact timeline. However, we usually advise on a 12-month basis, with more frequent and intensive training in the first four months.


How will the mentor and mentee interact?

We usually recommend the following:

  • Month 1-2: The mentor attends site four days a week.
  • Month 3-4: The mentor attends site three days a week.
  • Month 5-6: The mentor attends site two days a week.
  • Month 7-12: The mentor attends site one day a week. 

On the days the mentor is not on site, they will always be available for virtual meetings and at the end of the phone, should the mentee require prompt guidance.

There needs to be a fine balance between feeling supporting and the mentee learning to trust their autonomous decision-making skills.


Schedule follow-up meetings

Once a timeline is in place for the mentorship program, we will arrange monthly follow-up meetings with the main stakeholders to evaluate the progress and growth of your new manager. 


Evaluation procedure

At the end of the program, we will provide a full evaluation report and certificate of completion for your new manager. This can be used to evidence the ‘well-led’ domain for CQC.


Price Promise

We regularly benchmark the cost of our services because we are proud of our price promise guarantee. In the unlikely event of you sourcing a genuine like-for-like quote from another provider, please let us know because not only will we match it, but we will also reduce it by another 10%.


If you have any further questions, please contact us and a friendly member of our team will be happy to assist.


What our valued clients say

  • I now know why GPS is leading the market in primary care. Is there anything they can't do? Amazing service, incredible staff and extremely efficient.

    Dr Malhotra

  • GPS is our preferred provider for all matters including clinical cover, troubleshooting, practice management and HR. We feel prepared for all eventualities.

    Dr Polcaro

  • We now have a full-time GPS Practice Manager who complements our team, and we have access to all their expert departments which is extremely reassuring.

    Anonymous Practice Manager

  • An innovative and overdue approach to the management of General Practice.

    Dr Bendelow

  • GPS delivers our PCN with reliable ARRS staff. We highly recommend their services!

    Mr A Trotter

  • After a period of change and disruption, GPS colleagues brought stability and second-to-none knowledge!

    Anonymous Practice Manager

  • The management of our PCN has been transformed by General Practice Solutions, leaving us to focus on patient care

    Mrs H Doidge

  • We are a small practice and reassured by having access to professional support on a cost-effective monthly retainer.

    Dr Maytum

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