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Partnership Agreements & Disputes

Partnership Agreements & Disputes

Central to the services we provide to GPs is the preparation of a GP Partnership agreement to suit the individual needs of each Practice.


Your Partnership Agreement could be out-of-date 

Because of the frequent changes to which the GP & Primary Care sector is subject, within a few years a Partnership agreement can go out of date and will need to be updated. We offer specialised know-how on the appropriate wording, as well as advice on the implications for the partners.


Market-beating rates 

General Practice Solutions will never be beaten on price. We will also have regular keeping in touch days with a nominated individual at the Practice and monitor your Partnership Agreement. We will advise you if/when it needs updating meaning you have once less matter to worry about. 


GP Partnership deeds

A new GP Partnership deed (or at least a deed of adherence) should always be entered into before a partner joins, even on a probationary period. To wait for the end of probation before signing the new partnership deed is very risky. Many new intending partners seek advice from us on the existing GP partnership agreement of the practice which they are looking to join.


Risks of not having an updated Partnership Agreement

The partnership will become a ‘partnership at will’ by default and this means:

  • Any partner can serve notice to end the partnership at any time.
  • No probation periods.
  • No equality in share of profits, losses, and capital.
  • No effective limits on the authority of a partner to enter arrangements which bind the partnership.
  • No protection for assets held by the partners individually.
  • No assistance in identifying how assets are to be valued and paid if a partner leaves.
  • No protection if you suffer automatic dissolution of the partnership, such as if a partner goes bankrupt.
  • No partner can be expelled from the partnership by other partners, for any reason.
  • A partner can't retire without bringing the partnership to an end.
  • No cover for leave and locum costs.
  • Not much direction in terms of restrictions and duties.


Resolving GP Partnership Disputes 

Because of our reputation, we are often approached to try and resolve GP partnership disputes, acting for individual partners or on behalf of the GP partnership generally.

As a firm, we are well known for offering experienced mediation services and we believe that where there are difficulties in partnerships it is of critical importance to find non-confrontational resolutions to those problems. If, despite such efforts, litigation cannot be avoided, we conduct proceedings through the High Court including dissolutions or contentious actions between GP partners.


Price Promise

We regularly benchmark the cost of our services because we are proud of our price promise guarantee. In the unlikely event of you sourcing a genuine like-for-like quote from another provider, please let us know because not only will we match it, but we will also reduce it by another 10%.


If you have any further questions, please contact us and a friendly member of our team will be happy to assist.


What our valued clients say

  • I now know why GPS is leading the market in primary care. Is there anything they can't do? Amazing service, incredible staff and extremely efficient.

    Dr Malhotra

  • GPS is our preferred provider for all matters including clinical cover, troubleshooting, practice management and HR. We feel prepared for all eventualities.

    Dr Polcaro

  • We now have a full-time GPS Practice Manager who complements our team, and we have access to all their expert departments which is extremely reassuring.

    Anonymous Practice Manager

  • An innovative and overdue approach to the management of General Practice.

    Dr Bendelow

  • GPS delivers our PCN with reliable ARRS staff. We highly recommend their services!

    Mr A Trotter

  • After a period of change and disruption, GPS colleagues brought stability and second-to-none knowledge!

    Anonymous Practice Manager

  • The management of our PCN has been transformed by General Practice Solutions, leaving us to focus on patient care

    Mrs H Doidge

  • We are a small practice and reassured by having access to professional support on a cost-effective monthly retainer.

    Dr Maytum

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