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Human Resources

Human Resources

If you’re looking to outsource your Human Resources (HR) needs to keep HR costs down, then a consultancy is an effective route to take.

HR consultants take the pressure off your business, by managing your administrative and legal requirements, as and when they happen.

As a small to medium-sized enterprise (SME), you may wonder how much HR consultancy fees in the UK are. The good news is you’ll likely have the budget for it.

You can also read this guide, in which we explain the types of charges you can expect for your business.


What is a HR Consultant?

HR consulting addresses the HR tasks and decisions that businesses face.

It’s an increasingly popular choice for SMEs because it frees you up to focus on your daily activities, safe in the knowledge you can outsource any administrative requirements when you need to.


Risks of managing HR yourself

When you manage HR alone, the weight of risk sits on your shoulders and when you’re unsure how to tackle a staff issue, you just need advice or a second opinion from someone you trust. With General Practice Solutions (GPS), that's unlimited!

Whenever you need help with day-to-day matters like handling staff lateness, or you face life-changing decisions like making redundancies, GPS guides you through it. There will be more niggling HR problems that keep you awake at night. No more uncertainty or doubt and just practical, personalised advice that keeps you on the right side of the law.

GPS will provide you with robust HR essentials to protect your business. That includes watertight staff contracts, policies, and procedures.

Whenever you need to update your HR paperwork, roll out a new policy, or send a formal letter to staff, leave it to your GPS experts. We’ll sort it for you and make sure your paperwork is free from mistakes that could expose you to legal risk.

You save time on all your HR paperwork from your essential business processes to the forms you need to cut down on admin.

This includes but no limited to;

  • Disciplinary policy.
  • Redundancy letters.
  • Grievance procedure.
  • Company handbook.
  • Recruitment forms.
  • Staff appraisal forms.
  • Statemen and Main Terms of Employment (SMTs)
  • Return to work forms.
  • Exit interview forms.
  • Holiday request forms.
  • Parental leave records.

Plus, you get access to our helpline staffed by employment contract consultants. So, when you need to update your documents, call any time, and get fast employment contract legal advice.


Written documents

With GPS business document writing services, you get all your documents for all your people.

That’s your full-time staff, part-time staff, and seasonal staff. Your home workers, overseas workers, and zero-hour contract workers. Your interns, your graduates, and your work experience students. This means that when you hire new staff, you don’t have to spend time crafting contracts, creating T&Cs or studying employment law.

With our employee contract help, you're free to get on with growing your small business.


Benefits of outsourcing your HR needs


You can add the HR requirements as and when you need to. And adapt this at important moments, meaning you have the right service as and when you need it.


Hiring a full HR department for your business is expensive. Even if you only have one or two employees, their annual wages add up. Outsourcing is much cheaper, which can really help with your annual budget.

Save on recruitment costs

It’s important to clarify you also save on hiring costs. It’s a very expensive part of business life and it’s removed if you choose outsourcing for your HR requirements. The service you use can then also support you with your recruitment needs.

Remain compliant with UK law

When you outsource, this ensures your business is in line with the likes of the Equality Act 2010, Employment Rights Act 1996, and the many other legislations you need to respect. That’s time-consuming and complex to manage on top of your daily operations. HR outsourcing takes care of it for you. It’s important to note that if you don’t follow correct compliance, it can result in costly fines and a damaged reputation.


Having access to a larger pool of HR talent means you will be able to deal with a wider range of challenges, giving you the confidence to make decisions in the best interests of the business.

Save time

As with saving money, you’re outsourcing your requirements to a professional department. HR is time-consuming. And they’ll take care of all of it for you, allowing you to focus on what you do best.


Our experts are familiar with NHS recruitment and regulatory requirements.

If you’re a new SME, these advantages are often essential. After all, when you start a business, it involves making mistakes. Unfortunately, it’s an inevitability of inexperience. And errors can prove costly. However, if you outsource your administrative requirements then you’re significantly reducing the potential for mistakes and all of which can help you to reach higher levels of productivity and success at a faster rate. As well as ensuring you comply with current UK laws.


Downside to maintaining in-house HR Services

The cost

Hiring and maintaining staff is considerably more expensive than if you outsource.

Work times

Your employees will need to go home. So, you won’t have access to our helpline which is a huge bonus many HR service providers offer.


By having a small in-house HR team there is a limitation to the amount of experience that team would have. Unexpected challenges may become more difficult to manage without previous experience of that issue.

Contractual basis

By outsourcing, you can work on a month-by-month or annual basis. This gives you much more flexibility with HR, allowing you to add or remove packages as each quarter passes.


Price Promise

We regularly benchmark the cost of our services because we are proud of our price promise guarantee. In the unlikely event of you sourcing a genuine like-for-like quote from another provider, please let us know because not only will we match it, but we will also reduce it by another 10%.


If you have any further questions, please contact us and a friendly member of our team will be happy to assist.


What our valued clients say

  • I now know why GPS is leading the market in primary care. Is there anything they can't do? Amazing service, incredible staff and extremely efficient.

    Dr Malhotra

  • GPS is our preferred provider for all matters including clinical cover, troubleshooting, practice management and HR. We feel prepared for all eventualities.

    Dr Polcaro

  • We now have a full-time GPS Practice Manager who complements our team, and we have access to all their expert departments which is extremely reassuring.

    Anonymous Practice Manager

  • An innovative and overdue approach to the management of General Practice.

    Dr Bendelow

  • GPS delivers our PCN with reliable ARRS staff. We highly recommend their services!

    Mr A Trotter

  • After a period of change and disruption, GPS colleagues brought stability and second-to-none knowledge!

    Anonymous Practice Manager

  • The management of our PCN has been transformed by General Practice Solutions, leaving us to focus on patient care

    Mrs H Doidge

  • We are a small practice and reassured by having access to professional support on a cost-effective monthly retainer.

    Dr Maytum

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